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Chief Designer of De Stijl Interior Design
De Stijl Interior Design
Chief Designer
De Stijl Interior Design is a local brand established by a group of experienced interior designers. The designers provide professional advice, understand and accommodate the needs of their clients. They uphold innovation and are dedicated to creating comfortable and ideal homes for their clients.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (less than 800 sq.ft.) Bronze Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Founder & design director of L Vogue Design Ltd
L Vogue Design Ltd
Founder & design director
Founded in 2014 by design director Saipen Ng (HKIDA - Certified Interior Designer), L Vogue Design has garnered international recognition with a trove of accolades, including from the International Design Awards, A' Design Award and Competition, and the Global Design Awards. L Vogue Design strives to create minimalist, yet fashionable spaces that enrich users' lives and work. It aims for design excellence and comfortable and unique spaces that reflect the personalities of urban dwellers.
Muse Design Awards 2022 - Gold Winner
INT Interior Design Awards 2023 - Winner
HKDA Global Design Awards 2021 - Excellence Award
A'Design Awards & Competition 2022 - Iron Award
IDA International Design Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Merit
Muse Design Awards 2021 & 2023 - Silver Winner
China Successful Design Awards 2021-2022 - Successful Design
Hong Kong Professional Interior Design Award 2022 - Design Grand Prize
Hong Kong Professional Interior Design Award 2020 - Honorable Mention
Home Journal Top 50
Home Journal (HOMES-Liberte)
Home Journal (HOMES-Miffy's Home)
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