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Designer of KS Studio Ltd
KS Studio Ltd
Kenwin Chan and Kevin Mok are advocates of the power of good design and the atmosphere and aesthetics that it evokes. With 10 years’ experience of executing refined, high-end projects, Kenwin excels at adapting to different design styles and understands how to creatively and cleverly combine materials to complement the preferences and tastes of both homeowners and designers. Kevin focuses on project and resource management, ensuring that each project is accomplished impeccably. Together, their cooperation and teamwork delivers clients a high-end design experience.
Design Director of Infinite Design Limited
Infinite Design Limited
Design Director
INFINITE DESIGN LTD was established in 2017 by Miss Khristy YEUNG, an award-winning designer based in Hong Kong. The firm's style is characterized by a distinctive fusion of modern luxury with neoclassical elements. Infinite Design's goal is to merge lifestyle and artistic flair, incorporating both contemporary and traditional elements to forge a space that is both timeless and harmonious, enhancing comfort. Our commitment is to enhance living environments and elevate the quality of life.
ADO Founder of ADO Limited
ADO Limited
ADO Founder
ADO has been a reputable brand with superior interior design quality for 20 years. There are three sub-brands under the group, namely ADO Creative and ADO Casa. The group aims at promoting loving culture, building up positive relationship and creating splendid experience by combining design and technology. ADO’s projects, from cultural to commercial and even in the field of home renovation and furniture have been well-recognized by the public. ADO takes loving culture as the core element of the brand vision, and its works are integrated with the concept of caring and love. ADO's projects included the design and build works for hotels, clubs, shops, restaurants, villas, residences, and cultural and art curatorial projects. ADO has won a large number of awards over the years, including CIDF China Interior Design Leader Award, FRAME Awards 2019, New York Interior Design's Best of Year Award, Japan JCD Design Award, DFA Design for Asia Award, GDA Global Design Gold Award, HKSME Award, etc. ADO has a creative team and comprehensive production line, and adheres to the concept of "Think and Follow through in action". Its own construction and management team commit to implement creativity from concept to construction, from graphic design, brand planning, interior design to IT technology, as well as interactive media and exhibition planning for providing one-stop design services. Last but not least, ADO combines daily operations with social services. Planting trees, designing and donating furnitures to the Homeless Association after completing each residential project, insisting on promoting environmental protection projects, contributing to the sustainable development of the Earth, spreading the seeds of love and positive energy through design.
Co Founder of MStudio
Co Founder
Mstudio, co-founded by lead design directors Keith Choi and Marcus Ko, as well as lead designers, applies an innovative approach into light renovation for both residential and commercial designs. With a passionate, professional team, the firm provides clients with designs that are equal parts unique, stylish, and functional. Mstudio offers comprehensive design services that span space planning, material selection, lighting design, and furniture arrangement. Its meticulous attention to detail and quality, together with a dedication to both function and form, enables the team to provide design solutions that infuse its work with charm and style, whether it’s a home, a commercial venue, or an office.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (less than 1,500 sq.ft.) Gold Winner
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Children's Room - Gold Winner
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Retail Store - Bronze Winner
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Small Home Solutions - Bronze Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Design Director of 1sec. Left design Studio Ltd.
1sec. Left design Studio Ltd.
Design Director
1sec.Left is a Hong Kong based interior design studio led by Kason Chung. Focused on living space design with natural, meticulous, and authentic elements, "1sec.Left" means it treats any project as its last one.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - 乎哉
The INT Interior Design Awards 2023 - Wan Chai
The INT Interior Design Awards 2023 - MAYFAIR BY THE SEA 8
Muse Awards 2023 - Wan Chai
Muse Awards 2023 - MAYFAIR BY THE SEA 8
Home Journal Top 50
Founder/ Creative Director of Epic Interior Design
Epic Interior Design
Founder/ Creative Director
Epic is an award-winning design studio founded in 2019. We offer a wide range of services from interior design to space planning. Our company was created with the goal of providing quality design that is both beautiful and functional. Our team of talented and creative designers are dedicated to creating stylish and functional living spaces. We are known for our commitment to providing high quality, innovative designs with a simple, unique aesthetic. We work closely with our clients to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. We believe that interior design is not only about creating beautiful spaces, but more importantly, creating a living experience.
Home Journal - Bronze winner of Emerging Designer of the Year
Home Journal Cullinan West - Apartment (800 - 1,500 sq.ft.) - MERIT
Home Journal LP6 Lohas Park - Apartment (800 - 1,500 sq.ft.) - MERIT
Home Journal Top 50
Home Journal Autumn 2023
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