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Designer of Homeric Interior Design
Homeric Interior Design
Led by Ray Hung, Homeric Interior Design is founded in 2017 with a vision to offer comprehensive design services to clients by bringing a unique user experience into each project. Ray joined Homeric from an award - winning firm where he worked as an interior designer for 4 years. He obtained his bachelor and master’s degree in fashion design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
K - Design Award 2021
SPARK Design Award 2021
IDA Design Award 2021
40 Under 40 - 2021
Muse Design Award 2022
Home Journal Award 2022
Better Future Hong Kong Design Awards 2023
Asian Design Prize 2024
Cable TV Property Outlook - Linden Height
TVB 家居築則 - Linden Height
Now TV Finance 樓計飾 - 日出康城LP10
Cable TV Property Outlook - LP10
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