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Founder & Creative Director of Haven Design Limited
Haven Design Limited
Founder & Creative Director

Established in 2013 by homegrown interior designer and architect Mary Wong, Haven Design is an award-winning design studio that prides itself on exceptional client-centric customisation when crafting its portfolio of elegant residences, offices and restaurant projects. A client’s lifestyle, background and desires set the foundation of each of Haven Design’s projects; as such, Mary and her team collaborates closely with the client throughout every step of the creative process, from initial discussions about habits to creating mood boards, design drawings and construction meetings – with a mission to create a client’s “own personal haven” reflective of the people inhabiting it.

K-Design Award 2022 GOLD WINNER - Modern Senior Living
K-Design Award 2022 WINNER - Radical Chic Restaurant
Home Journal Awards 2022 GOLD WINNER - best designer for children's room
A Design Award WINNER - Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category
Home Journal Awards 2021 - Most Evocative Residential Design
Hong Kong Living 2021 -Influencer Awards 2021
ADC Best Designer Awards 2020 - Most Inspiring Commercial Space
Hong Kong Living Awards 2020 - Best Interior Designer
K-Design Award 2019
Home Journal TOP50
Hong Kong Living - Influencer Award 2021
Hong Kong Living - Design Masters
Architectural Digest 安邸
Home Journal Transition
Human Centred Design: Haven Design x Fisher & Paykel
Design Director of Mae Design Studio
Mae Design Studio
Design Director
Mae Design is a Hong Kong based interior design studio. Deeply inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese cultures, we specialize in creating uncluttered and functional designs with modernized traditions. Through being reliable, exquisite and durable, our designs ultimately aim to be modern, essential and timeless.
Founder of Tin Lok Design & Engineering Company
Tin Lok Design & Engineering Company
Man Ku is the founder and director of Tin Lok Design & Engineering Company and works for more than 20 years in interior design industry. Our main professional projects are included residential buildings, shops, restaurants and office buildings. In order to ensure every projects can be completed smoothly, we have a comprehensive management system, from contact, design, construction, time control, quality control to maintenance service after the completion of projects. Apart from that, we provide the professional advice and comprehensive solutions to customers. It is more confident to become the most trustworthy team in the mind of customers. As a result, we have gained a lot of positive comments and referrals from customers through good communication and intimate service during 2 more decades. Besides, we are one of the members of Hong Kong Interior Designer and Hong Kong Interior Design Company. These certificates are issued by Hong Kong Professional Interior Designer Association (HKPIDA).
Art Director of Grande Interior Design
Grande Interior Design
Art Director
Grande Interior Design, found in 2013, is a global award-winning design studio by Matthew Li and Maggy Cheung, with a team of talented and creative designers to enhance the quality of life through spaces that combine aesthetic and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability. We gather insights from research, experimentation and experiences to create meaningful living ways and it is widely considered to be one of the most unique practices to emerge in recent years. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every property, to create a unique home.
With a breadth of industry experience, the studio works across a range of residential, commercial hospitality, F&B and mixed-use projects with a reputation in producing high-quality designs that are innovative, with a collaborative approach to procure projects on time and on budget.
40 under 40 Young Design Leader
A' Design Award
Modern Home Elite Awards
40 under 40 China
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (more than 1,500 sq.ft.) - Gold Winner
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Spa & Wellness - Bronze Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Director of Starz Pasha
Starz Pasha
Starz Pasha Ltd. is a design studio that specializes in highly customized residential and commercial interior spaces across Hong Kong and the surrounding regions. The company was founded by the dynamic duo, Maggie Mo and Jay Leung, who use their innovative design philosophy to create aesthetically pleasing, timeless, and healthy interior spaces. They focus on enhancing clients’ quality of living by utilizing the use of light, material, and space planning, which permeates their portfolio. Their design practice has produced a string of successful interior architecture projects for luxury residential clients and reputable companies. Starz Pasha Ltd. has collaborated in cross-brand campaigns with industry leaders such as Samsung and Sony and has been honored with awards such as the Asia Pacific Property Awards, Sydney Design Award, Bo Concept Design Award, HKPIDA Award, K-Design Award, Emerging Designer of the Year in the Home Journal Awards. Additionally, the company was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Interior Design Services from SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification institution, which is a testament to their ability to provide professional quality interior design services. Starz Pasha Ltd. believes that architecture is an emotional and spatial experience created by both the user and the designer. Their approach has earned them recognition from major publications like South China Morning Post, Elle Men, and Bazaar Magazine. Their design philosophy centers around creating timeless and healthy interior spaces that enhance clients’ quality of living.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Gold Winner of Emerging of Designer of the year
Asia Pacific Property Award
40 Under 40
A’Design Awards 2023
Architecture Masterprize
Sydney Design Awards
K-Design Design Award
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Gold Winner of Apartment (800-1500 Sq.ft)
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Gold Winner of Office
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Bronze Winner of Winner
BoConcept Home Design Award
Hong Kong Professional Interior Designer Awards
DiD Award
Home Journal Top 50
South China Morning Post
Office Snapshot
Starz Pasha x Sony
Samsung X Starz Pasha
Starz Pasha x Sony
Starz Pasha x Sony
Viu TV
Viu TV
The Standard
Design Anthology
Creative Director of Common Room Home & Living
Common Room Home & Living
Creative Director
Common Room offers a comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients. Our designs are often eclectic in style, curated with unexpected paring of new and vintage pieces, culled from our comprehensive collection of international resources and local craftsmen. We take inspiration from each client's unique aspiration and personality, and challenge ourselves to make thoughtful homes that aren't afraid to be lived in. The creative team is based in Hong Kong and led by Design Director, Meng Jing. She draws inspiration from her expertise in vintage furniture and mid-century modern design, and is dedicated to building airy, stylish spaces with soul.
Home Journal Top 50
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