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Design Director of B Squared Design
B Squared Design
Design Director

Established by Britta Butler (A.B. Harvard, MArch MIT) in 2015, B Squared Design is a full-service residential interior design studio based in Hong Kong, creating liveable homes for individuals and families that are both beautiful and practical. Comprised of a team of designers, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking project managers, trusted contractors, handymen, and carefully cultivated relationships with furniture shops and factories throughout the Asia-Pacific region, B Squared Design handles complete renovation jobs involving construction, as well as those that are strictly interior design. From initial concept through to sourcing and project management, the bespoke full-service process transforms every client’s space into a cohesive, intentional, thoughtfully designed home that they will love.

Home Journal Awards 2023 - Small Home Solutions Silver Winner
Expat Living Readers' Choice Best Interior Designer - Gold Award
Hong Kong Living Influencer Award
REA Interior Design Award Winner
Home Journal Top 50
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Design Director of Facade Design Ltd
Facade Design Ltd
Design Director

We strongly believe that harmonious space planning and meticulous attention to detail are often the most captivating aspects of interior design. It doesn't matter whether a piece of custom-made or designed furniture is crafted from luxurious materials or features innovative and elaborate shapes. What truly matters is the ability to reconfigure the space by carefully observing and refining its inherent characteristics, striving for a natural and balanced design. Just like a well-tailored and meticulously finished garment, the color, texture, and fabric of an ordinary shirt can indeed reflect your personal style and preferences. However, it is the careful tailoring and exquisite finishing touches that elevate it to a level of elegance and sophistication.

Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (more than 1,500 sq.ft.) - Merit Winner
Home Journal Top 50
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